investing with impact 

impact investing = financial profit + positive and measurable impact to the world


good business?

In impact investing investments have both impact and financial performance expectations.

Impact investing is very similar to a more traditional investing focusing purely on investment returns. lmpact investors need to acknowledge the impact their investment is targeting and how expected returns are tied to the expected impact performance. When you assess the targeted impact, it is important to take into account the time span that the impact requires to come into action. Also good impact performance indicators are essential when following up the development.  


Many investors think that impact investing is for those who want to throw their money into good causes and never expect getting anything back. According to the Global Impact Investing Network (Annual Report, 201689% of the investments either met or exceeded both impact and financial performance expectations.

Our goal is to bring this investment trend also to Finnish and Nordic markets. Our Accleration Program is built so that after it the participating companies are ready to pitch their ideas to impact investors. They will have impact in the core of their business and have ways of measuring it. 



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