who is this acceleration program for?

We select to our acceleration programs companies who have willingness and means to build services and solutions for better future and they apply principles of sustainability. But we are adamant that those businesses have both impact and financial performance goals. We are here to support and boost impactful businesses into new heights.  

Do you have to have a company to enter?

Our acceleration programs are for businesses. However, our training materials suit for everybody who is interested getting to know more about impact, how to measure it or how to communicate it.

Does it cost to participate into an acceleration program?

For startups and small businesses participation is FREE. However, we expect full commitment and active participation from all who have been accepted to our Growth Path. 

We also offer partnerships for bigger organizations who want to be a part of our Community and utilize the impact innovations we develop.

do i get an investment automatically after the program?

No you don't. Investors in our network make the investment decision based on your pitch and your business plan. If they are interesting enough, you might have a shot. We help you in every way we can to build a viable impact business, but in the end of the day, you hold all the cards. We just make sure that you get to pitch for selected group of investors. Rest is up to you. If after the program your business does not attract any investors, you will still stay a part of our alumni network and we will keep our investors up-to-date about your progress.


So how do I get in!?

First we want to get to know you and figure out what is the best way for you to start you Impact Growth Path. This will happen during face to face (or face to computer) discussions. If our Growth Path is the right way to proceed, you will get an access to Claned's learning platform and to our Solved Online Community. Using these virtual channels you can start your Growth Path. And you'll also get an invitation and a schedule for joint events.


How do I prepare for the face to face meeting?

We dig deep! BUT, we don't expect perfection, because this is a learning and growth program (both for you and your business). Make sure your pitch is sharp and your slides have all the key points clearly presented. We will assess your attitude and how well you know your stuff.