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We are looking for unlikely innovators who solve the problems of tomorrow.


World changes in ever-increasing speed. Someone has to determine the direction for the change. This is an invitation to create sustainable solutions for tomorrow's challenges. We want to help you make meaningful and powerful things for your community, for the entire society.


Our Mission

Together we are more prepared and more stronger than alone.


Challenges that our society is facing, require multidisciplinary cooperation and extensive set of skills. We are building an expanding network that is joined together by mission – building a better future for everyone.

We are firm believers in entrepreneurship. They are the agile movers who through trial and error seek viable solutions. Only economically sustainable solutions can survive the turbulences of our time. 

We want to make sure that entrepreneurial minds pursue even the most impossible goals and eventually reach them. We mentor, help find the right partners and hone the business model as long as it is needed as long as the positive impact is in the core of the business strategy and everyday toil. 

We understand that passion is a powerful engine. But we also know that it cannot run without sufficient fuel. We connect entrepreneurs with investors who understand the value of impact.



3 months of pure focus


We have created a 3 month Development Path program for those who really want to take the impact of their business to the next level. We accept organizations from all walks of life and all sizes are welcomed. If you need help fine tuning your business model, measuring the impact or communicating it, this program is for you.   


GroW INTO new heights

  • You are willing to commit fully to our 3 month program.
  • The program includes face-to-face events, online materials, mentoring and hardcore sparring. 
  • Your problem can be taken into Solved platform for our experts to discuss and possibly help you to solve.
  • All materials are at your use 24/7 in Claned's learning platform.
  • At the end of the program you get to pitch your business idea into selected group of impact investors.
  • After the program you'll be a part of our alumni network.
  • Locations for the program are Oulu and Helsinki. Are you ready to travel?


Next program will start in October 2018. Apply now. Our Preliminary Questionnaire helps us to understand who you are and what are you aiming at. We will contact you after you've finised the questionnaire. Answering it will not tie you into anything, it is only a starting point for the discussions. 



Changing the future requires long-term commitment, vision and grit. Someone once said that you get what you measure. What if we measured impact and made it the new ROI?