Manifesto of Tomorrow


Our societies are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Traditional structures and operating models do not completely keep up with the change. Within this change, one can identify a number of environmental and social problems that current organizations cannot tackle with sufficient impact and agility.

However, there is a vacuum in our society, as the people working entrepreneurially with these challenges are often too separate from each other.

Various actors who put their effort in for a better tomorrow are united by the same ambition. The goal is to secure the well-being of everyone, even in the world of tomorrow.

The Nordic Model for welfare has attracted huge interest globally since there is a reason for Nordic countries to hold the top positions in happiness & wellbeing rankings – we are doing something right! Why shouldn’t we take the best knowledge of this Nordic Miracle, and deliver it globally?

This is an invitation to unite our strength to create truly sustainable solutions to tomorrow's challenges!


I) Check our motivation to ensure that our foundation is compassion

II) Relate to any problem we focus on with the widest possible perspective

III) Apply our reasoning in addressing the problem, while maintaining an unbiased outlook

IV) In the face of a real ethical challenge, we respond with a spirit of humility

V) We keep in mind that with every new action we take, our primary goal is the wellbeing of humanity as a whole and the planet we inhabit

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